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Hier ein zwei Videos für alle Twitter-Kritiker (das erste ist richtig cool gemacht):

Twouble with Twitters

Twitter "Worst Person in The World"

Und hier ein Auszug aus einem Artikel für alle die Twitter wie ich einfach noch lustig finden ohne an eine Internet-Revolution zu glauben.

The world is talking about Twitter. Meaning, the small microcosm of online media folks and a growing circle of regular folks, plus roughly 5 million users of the microblogging service. Google (NAS: GOOG) is rumored to be buying Twitter. Various business magazines are featuring Twitter as the Next Really Big Thing. Many other bloggers have posited that Twitter is the really big way to waste your time on the Internet or a cell phone. Both are completely correct. How could that be? Simple. But first let me quickly explain Twitter for the uninitiated. Twitter is also called "micro-blogging". It is essentially an online messaging system that anyone can register for and participate in. Twitter users send each other "tweets." They can do this from any device with a keyboard, a live Internet connection or mobile phone link and an IP address. Tweets cannot run longer than 140 characters. This enforces brevity,INTERNET Twitter Is A Total Waste of Time. Twitter is Great. Both are True Mar 16, 2009, Mar 2009

You should read the whole article.